SMC Pneumatics Help

Our team ordered pneumatics about a month ago and we aren’t sure if they’ll arrive before states (March 13th). Now we are looking into buying them used or from an alternate source. We looked at the VRC Pneumatics Order Sheet that was posted on the forum and the links lead to SMC Pneumatics.

Here’s the sheet: Copy of VRC Pneumatics Order Sheet - Google Sheets

We have some questions about this. Who is SMC Pneumatics and are their parts Vex legal? (specifically the ones linked to in the sheet)
If I order the solenoid driver cables from the Vex website like the sheet says, what other parts do I need to have a running pneumatics system? I’m looking for the equivalent of a double acting pneumatics kit from the Vex website.


Take a look at this table. The stuff about being in stock may not apply anymore. The advantage of this is that you can buy how much of whatever you need, and don’t have to limit yourself to what vex sells.


SMC pneumatics is the company that manufactures the products that Vex is selling in their pneumatics kits. Another potential source is and motion , both are industrial suppliers. Both the game manual and the q&A make it clear that SMC components with the exact same part number are legal.


How would I go about buying the solenoid drivers? The link on that post goes to a 404 page not found.

Try this


Thanks for the help everyone.

Where would I get “Vex legal” tire pump fittings? I can seem to find one and I’m unsure of what I can and cannot buy.

These work fine

The part vexteamz posted are completely illegal, the only way to get the bikepump fitting is by doing a bulk order from Shrader pacific. A bulk order for them is something like $250 of bikepump fittings for them to even consider it.

So does my search for pneumatics end here?

Well, hopefully someone in the Vex community will send you a PM and offer to sell you a spare that they might have.

Hopefully. Wink wink anybody

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Look at this forum post, the TL;DR is that you can use illegal Schrader fittings if you remove them from your robot before a match.


Uh oh sounds like u need pneumatics it would truely be unfortunate if u didnt get them before states


So I could use the fitting that VexTeamZ linked to as long as it isn’t on the robot when it needs to be legal, like match play or inspection?

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Harpursville is too poor to fund their tech club so we gotta do what we gotta do lol


We ordered our in janurary and just started to get some parts, today we got reserviors and fittings accept for shrader valve lol

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How did you order, was it in vex shop or some 3rd party? I’ve been checking sporadically but it always says “out of stock” or “backordered”

3rd party and actually there was one day last week everything came off backorder

Thanks for the help everyone. Since it seems like it will take a minimum of 4 weeks for the parts to come from SMC we’re just going to hold out hope that the pneumatics we ordered in January will come in time. My mentor called the people from iDesign and they say it should come in a few weeks. We should just barely get them in time.

If our order comes in first I might be able to Lend/sell some to u
Side note
Just realized y’all beat me and @Micah_7157X without pneumatics and it stings
But also will not be replayed at states

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