Thoughts on what 2020 game will be?


I made playlists of VRC and VEXIQ past games to better predict what our next year’s game we’re predicting!

Past VRC Playlist:

Past VEXIQ Playlist:

Hope this helps predicting!


come on, can you give us a hint.


When you think about it, it is more fair to let us know. you have an unfair advantage with the knowledge you’ve gained.


Yeah @Dino! You basically have to tell us now, you know, to level the playing field :laughing:


Or, you know, we could wait another couple of months and enjoy the rest of the season/off-season/post-season.

But who would want that?


There are two types of games that I would like to see the most in vex. The first of these is disk shooting, which provides a unique challenge and couldnt be copied closely from previous years. It would probably also need some objectives for the end of a match and throughout. Personally, I think a page should be taken out of the frc game design and the hanging from a rope could be taken from steamworks and you could also have a place to hoard the discs off the field in exchange for bonuses later. Another very interesting game mechanic I could see in vex would be like Aerial assault. Putting robots on a field with one game element and watching them compete is bound to be interesting. Again, having other objectives would probably be necessary for this game to ever become a reality. However, I have a suspicion that we will see a game that requires very tall lifts next year. An interesting idea like a balancing bridge for each alliance would be a new end game strategy that could be used.


Nah, we just had ITZ. Short lifts and gross collection would be nice to see. Wish I was around in RoundUp.


Maybe it’s capture the flag, It will be more competitive than normal.


it could be similar to starstruck in that you have to get pieces from one side to another, but you can cross sides and have to bring the pieces to your side. also, it would be cool if there is a bar in going across the center of the field that is used for hanging.


found the IQ player


Maybe V6 can be drone-like and we could play a flying game for 2020.


That would be freaking dangerous but super cool


just because I think it would be cool to hang doesn’t mean I am an IQ player. It would be an interesting challenge that vex has not incorporated for EDR in a long time.


I think he meant it as a joke


The joke was that that is exactly the current IQ game


I believe that defense should be a part of game design for years to come. It adds excitement to matches, like when a team is on the verge of pushing a bot off of the top platform.


I like the idea of fighting over something in endgame. It does make things more exciting. It’s fun to see teams bend down to see if their wheel clears the alliance platform to become center parked or not. (I am guilty of this myself, honestly.)
But designing something like this would have to be done carefully. The raised platforms restrict movement and violent interactions to a few tiles, and we can’t have two straight minutes of combat robotics. (There are other leagues for that. Vex is about problem solving. But I won’t argue that it’s not fun to throw in an element of Battlebots.)


The platforms are by far the most exciting elements of Turning Point. I think that the 2020 game should not need arms placing items on posts because we had that with In the Zone and turning point.


I still think we will see extremely heavy game objects, and hopefully another bonus teams need to scramble for at the end.


I have to disagree with this because it will make the people who don’t have V5 have a serious disadvantage.