Thoughts on what 2020 game will be?


well, I feel that vex will want to have games that demonstrate the advantages of v5, like the flags for this game were intended to showcase the vision sensor, I predict next years game will attempt to showcase the motor strength.


yes but the year after next V5 is required so everyone will have to use them.


on a different note, if you notice there is a trend in the games all having a similarity to the game three years before. Sky rise and in the zone were both stacking games. turning point and nothing but net both had shooting balls. next year it should be similar to Starstruck.


I would like that. starstruck was a cool year


what do you think about this?


And a way to make this more difficult if the pieces could not go under the bar


I picture a game with a bar through the center of the field, too low to the ground to go under, and too high to climb over, perhaps multiple bars. And robots have to pick up pieces and reach through the bars to place it as far as they can on the other side of the field.


I think it would be interesting to have a game involving HEXbugs and VEX combined. Like, a lot of HEXbugs though. My idea was similar to Hungry Hungry Hippos, but basically you have like 200 HEXbugs in different locations on the field, and you have to gather some and carry them back to your goals (must be carried, not scooped by like a shovel). There would be a low goal and a high goal. There would also be some golden/high scoring HEXbugs thrown in the mix, which would be worth like 5 points (every 5 normal bugs would be 1 point in low, 3 in high) in low or 8 in high each. The thing is, the other team has toggles can use toggle an intricate switch to open up one of the other teams goals, causing all of their bugs to flee out. This would need to be reset by the affected team in the same manner. Team with most points of bugs gathered wins.


you know there is a reason vex just released V5 right. this is vex, not HEXbugs


I wanted like a fusion of both worlds into one game. Just an idea.


it sounds like a good idea. I did not know that is what you meant.


v5 will be the only legal game system next year as far as my state goes.


What me and my team hoped for next year’s game is something that had to do with rapid object firing. Machine gun ball launcher + tank anyone?


that would be fun but I would not expect something like that for couple more years because turning point also had shooting.


pretty sure they can’t force teams to use v5 next year, cortex should still be legal


because vex wants to make V5 permanent they are starting to enforce this.


yeah, but cortex is supposed to be legal next season and possibly the one after. I don’t see how they could ban cortex bots from competitions


some states such as Florida have next year to still use cortex, but it is probably going to be illegal the year after.


Thats a good idea, but if you think about it thats almost a copy of SS


the Idea of the fence would be but the rest is not.