Turret Lagann Alliance: A new challenger approaches

Greetings all. I am the programmer of 7121B. I’ve assembled a group of 6 teams:

Our team
42690A Anonymous’s
And finally, Skynet’s, if his team agrees with him.

And we are the beginning of the Turret Lagann Alliance.

We’re a group of teams dedicated to the turret design, and wish to see it reach its full potential. We will aid each other when needed, collaborate on some overarching ideas, and hopefully get each other to worlds.

Some rules:

  • No freebies. You can’t just give people your CAD, you have to help them understand and grow as a roboticist.
  • To be a member, you must be making a turret and have some experience in VEX. If you are in at the beginning and choose to switch to a more conventional design, we’ll ask you to leave. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that there’s a specific purpose this alliance intends to fulfill, that being a turret think tank. We’ll probably still help you out anyways with whatever you need, you’ll just formally be out of the alliance.
  • You have the ability as a programmer to keep some things secret. Not everyone wants to give all their code away, especially if it’s something near revolutionary for VEX. I don’t know if we’re going to get anything “revolutionary”, but if you so wish, I give you 100% approval to not mention the existence of parts of your code for the sake of confidentiality. We aren’t married to you lol

And that’s about it.

If you’re doing a turret and wish to join us, DM me with some of your recorded matches, maybe some ideas of your coding level, and some pictures of your robot from the past two years (if applicable to VRC).

I got a logo in store, but we’re still deciding on it lol. I’ll post it here whenever we decide and make it


Turret gang, we gonna have some cracked turrets by the end of this year ngl


I’m concerned already. We’re going to have to watch y’all carefully. I suppose the obvious solution is to attempt to create a counter confederacy, but my team isn’t well known enough, and we work alone. Let the war begin. Builders, Programmers, Drivers: the time has come for all vexers to make a choice. A choice between good and evil. Between winning and turrets.


Bro, I just realized I can add string cannons on my turret just like tanks and smoke launchers lol, this is gonna be op

Frantically calling team leader

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i feel like the memes of us having nuclear capabilities are gonna be great. We’re gonna make some CRAZY stuff here.

And since I already got asked, the name is from an anime called Gurren a Lagann, it’s a super awesome anime lol

Honestly, I’m most excited to collaborate on turret ideas and see what ~montrosity~ we create

i am building a turret! i am from a first year team in witchita kansas and i am interested in learning more about turrets in VEX robtocics spin up! Please reach out to me about joining the alliance because our team has a very competitive turret built at the moment and are interested in tuning it!!


Time to make the 6 motor X drive Vision aim bot alliance


Most advanced vex forum alliance


added 2775Josh as a member of the alliance

I’d be in if it weren’t for 6 motor drive train. I’m curious about how you’re gearing everything else. 1 for flywheel, one for intake and rollers? Hmmmm. I keep thinking there are a lot more required functions until I actually start thinking about them. With pneumatic or passive expansions… There’s room to play.

DIfferentials are the pathway to many abilities some would consider unnatural

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Seems like a great time to post


On an x drive? Or just the center wheels? I think your result might end up in cursed images. :slight_smile:

It’s beautiful! I’ve never seen the likes of it before.

The aim of the differentials are to eliminate the need for the center wheels and the power from the extra 2 motors would leave the system through the 4 omni wheels

It would work better on a mecanum drive however the vex mecanum wheels suck
You will see it in cursed images soon :wink:

I see. Differentials are an interesting concept, I’ve never fully dived into them. Don’t think you can use them with sprockets, so I don’t think I can do them. Even if I could though I probably wouldn’t. Could just use a ratchet (I think) on the intake

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hi im joe from 4082b and I am building a turret this year. Im interested in being in this alliance


Differentials are probably the way to go when it comes to turrets

Id look into them