Vex 2020-2021 Game Predictions

While everybody on the fourm continues to dispute about when the next game should be released, I haven’t seen anybody this year predict what the game is.

I would want a game called a “Glass half full” (Water Game Pun) In which each side of the field would have different plastic cups that you would have to drop different sized game objects into. The goal would be to make your colored cup reach higher levels of fullness (Marked by a line). Then vex could meme with a water game joke for the reveal video.

Edit - Just saw post similar to this, but I want to ask for direct game ideas, not concepts that might be used What type of game would you want to be released?


I predict it will absolutely be a game.

I’m a roboticist, not a fortune teller.


It will be the greatest two minutes of robotics


I’m betting its gonna be a low scoring game, just based on the pattern of the last five years.
NBN - High
Starstruck - Low
ITZ - High
TP - Low
TT - High
No guarantees but it would be interesting if it was.


That was supposed to be this year, was it not? At worlds, Grant Cox said “the fields are leaking” to build excitement as the reveal got closer, and what was on the field when it revealed? 7 of empty water glasses. Why? Well, because the fields leaked, and all the water was gone by the time of the reveal. This would also explain the relative simplicity in TT in that there was only one game object and matches ended extremely early; they had to think on their feet since the fields were leaking and they wouldn’t be able to do Glass Half Full. Unfortunately, since the GDC doesn’t like to do the same type of game multiple years in a row, we have to wait another couple years for the next water game.


I believe there is already a thread on this…

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