Vex EDR V5 parts for Autodesk Fusion 360

Hey guys… does anyone know where to find the parts library for Vex EDR V5 for Autodesk Fusion 360?

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I’d suggest using inventor - and you can pop over to my other forum post to take a look: Anni's Tower takeover Cad Thread *Now featuring EXPLANATIONS*

Please see this existing thread:

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Here is a link to a Vex parts library for Fusion 360:

Just upload this one file to your project and all the part will be there, without any need to convert them.

Note: To get all the parts included in the library I had to create a design that used them all, and then archive that design. So the parts lib will also include a design named “Vex Hardware”. You can delete this design after uploading the lib into your project. Because the “Vex Hardware” design includes every part in the lib it will take a long time to open and will be very slow once opened. So just delete it without opening it.

Note that if you create a project just for the parts lib, then you can use the parts in designs for other projects. So you only need to do this once. Each time you add a part from the parts lib project, to a design of another project you will get a warning that the link will be broken. I think this is OK, because Vex won’t be changing the designs of existing parts.

This parts library is an experiment, so please let me know if it works, of if you run into issues.


It should also possible to share a project (through the Fusion web interface) that has the full parts library included. I haven’t done this but would be happy to try it.