VEX IQ Connection and Robot Brain Issues


I am new to VEX IQ, and I am having some trouble with my computer recognizing the Robot Brain being plugged into my desktop in the VEX Coding Studio.
When I plug in the USB from the Robot Brain to my desktop, it is not recognizing it and saying “no devices found”. I have installed the VEX Utility Setup program and tried to update the Robot Brain, but this did not solve my problem. If I could get any troubleshooting tips for connecting the Robot Brain to the desktop using USB I would really appreciate it.

Another problem I am having with a separate Robot Brain is that the screen is stuck on the screen that is shown while updating. I have attached a picture. I have unplugged the battery and from my desktop, but the screen still shows up even after restarting it. Help with this issue is greatly appreciated as well.
Once again, I am new to VEX IQ, so any tips and tricks with troubleshooting these issues would help me greatly.IMG_7234

Thank you

Make sure latest VEXos
& look at VEX IQ brain stuck in DFU
& Cannot connect to Vex IQ Brain
And there is this VEX IQ Brain Problem which (like everything) may be out-of-date…
In Computer refusing to do anything with VEX IQ Brain there is discussion of COM ports which helped me with your first issue.
& Brains Not Communicating with Computers

I will quote myself (!):

Finally, especially about your second issue if not solved above:


Not a coder here, but I don’t think Vex Coding Studio works for Vex IQ. You have to use Robot C, Graphical Robot C, or Modkit.


Huh. Missed that. Well, OP had 2 issues.

Of course can use:

Robot Mesh




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Hey, I am working on a new Chromebook (Acer Chromebook 15) and its not connecting to the brain wirelessly OR with a USB wire. VEXCode IQ Version 1.0.9-45 and ChromeOS version 80.0.3987.128 . I really want this to work so that we can switch all the machines to Chrombook.

Make sure you didn’t install the Android version on your Chromebook - you can get the correct link for ChromeOS at

Also try a known, good Micro USB cable on the IQ Brain as well. Wireless downloading isn’t supported on Chromebooks as of today.


Thanks. Looks like that was the issue. Any idea when it will get wireless download capabilities?