VEX V5 EDR Model

Where can I find the files for each VEX V5 EDR piece so i can use it to make models of my robot. And which software should I use. I’ve heard that solidworks and fusion 360 would be good for modelling a robot’s design.

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The files are for fusion 360, which is free if you are a student of a school.


This is the best fusion 360 library.

This is an inventor one.


Most of the commercial CAD software is free for student use. Inventor and Fusion are popular entry-level CAD packages, but the higher-end packages like SolidWorks and OnShape are also available with educational licenses. (SolidWorks, being the most advanced of the available CAD packages, requires you to apply for a sponsorship). Libraries of parts are available for all the CAD packages. Here is a link to some more information, including where to find the licensing and libraries: CAD for VEX Robotics.pdf - Google Drive


Vex also puts CAD files for most of their products(Including electronics) on the vex website.