VEXcode Blocks 4 motor drivetrain

Fairly new to VEX and my team is converting from their initial work last spring in VCS to VEXcode V5 Block. They are using a 4 motor drive train and the one offered in VEXcode is only supporting 2 motor. Any update on plans to add a 4 motor version? I heard it was suppose to be out late Sept or early Oct.

If that is not available, are there any examples or suggestions for creating the 4motor drive.

4-Motor Drivetrain support is something we’re still considering, but given the number of requests for it, will likely come sooner rather than later.

In the mean time, check out this thread - it’s for IQ, but the concepts are the same:


Thanks for the pointer. I see a link but looks like an IQblock. Can that be opened with V5block or do I need to download IQ to see it’s contents?

I don’t think you can open IQ blocks files in V5 blocks, but the code in the uploaded project in that thread is also shown in a screenshot:


Correct. Project file won’t work, but the idea was the screenshot for inspiration.


For Driver Control, directing the students to adjust the existing Tank Control (or Arcade) example from two motors to four motors a good direction? Or is there a better suggestion?

Tank Control:




The students would add a second Left Motor and Right Motor and they’re golden, right?

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Nope, this is the way to go… this is why we provided those examples in the software in addition to building them in the Devices window.

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Is there a good way to convert inches to degrees, so students can tell a 4 motor drive to drive forward a specific number of inches?

I’m pretty sure there was a example program for that on vcs that ran it through an equation to do that

i know this is like a month later but here is the exzact code i didnt find anything here 2 useful when one of my sister teams needed help with this

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So the code you are showing above was the solution? Or nothing has seemed to work? Just curious I have started testing yet. We are still in the building process.

Nvm, it looks like VEX finally upgraded vexcode to support a 4 motor drive train. Haven’t tried it yet though.

yes vex did upgrade to a 4w drivetrain yes that is the code that makes it work
but for me the new blocks version wont download