What is the best designs for a push bot that has tank treads and intake?

I need some designs for intakes and push bots. I have a tank drive robot but the track keeps coming off and we need some designs for it.

In all seriousness though you could have chain guides like this:
Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 9.30.40 AM
Paired with a tank tread sprocket to support the tread more.
Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 9.31.42 AM
Those together should create a good enough mechanism.

tank treads are pretty obsolete and are not recommended.


But is there any way that they can stop slipping off of the gear?

Make sure it’s tensioned properly, if not, there are multiple videos on tension systems on YouTube

ok thanks, but is their any videos on designs about them though or drivetrains?

U could use this, but going up instead of down,

You could use those two rollers things on top, or create something similar. The idea is to design something that will keep the tank treads in tension or in line with the sprockets


You do not want tank treads you want normal wheel drive because tank treads can’t really turn with tank treads and they are what slower than a normal drivetrain

A) don’t do tank treads, and B) don’t do a push bot


We don’t have enough money to do big robots or even afford collars


But we want to be able to climb over disks so it doesent get stuck

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Use Omni wheels then, they provide a lot of maneuverability and are great for climbing over stuff. Tank treads will never do you any good.


Take look at this forum post, it has a very good design for a basic drive, and it provides detailed explanations on all the components.


My team personaly uses mecnum wheels so we can strafe off of stuff we get stuck on

Push bot is just a bot that pushes discs around on the floor right

Might want to look at some designs here
Defensive Mechanisms - BLRS Wiki (purduesigbots.com)