What is the most stupid thing you have done in vex (I am not being rude or mean, no flag plz)

I know there are topics like this, but they are locked or 6 years old. For a while we were using a 1:5 ratio this season, so we couldn’t pick up the biggest goal. We also didn’t use bearing for a bit. What are some things you have done?

I hate how we built this first prototype arm


I have seen this image in so many places on this forum. It am scared of no man, but this thing, it scares me.

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Is it not similar to this? What’s the biggest brain fart you have had in vex - #69 by UvuvwevweOnyetenye
I feel it is too similar to start a new thread


No, that is what have you forgotten to do. This is, what did you purposely do, but was really dumb.

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I see. Well, using sprockets as gears it is (we didnt know 12T gears existed so did it for a torque-ier lift)

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Do you have a picture? Did you just stick two sprockets together as if they were regular gears?

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yes essentially. I dont have a picture as this was in September and we’ve done about 6 rebuilds since. We didn’t turn up to a competition with it (we swapped it out the night before)


take the same thing apart over and over again thinking I got the spacing wrong when it was right every single time
figured it out on like the 27th try


Didn’t start the robot til 2 weeks before our first competition.

Starting a brand new thread when a perfectly good one already exists.



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Shall we ask DRow to merge them?

I am sorry, I did not see this when I utilized the search bar.

Put something together wrong, take it apart, then absent-mindedly put it back together wrong.

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Not exactly.

Duplicate thread.