What type of game would you want to be released?

i really hope so because back and fourth games are a ton of fun


I anticipate a lifting game of taller heights with heavier/larger objects

I want something tall enough that a 18" dr4b can’t reach it


Dr10b intensifies .


Although my best time in VEX was from a back and forth season (StarStruck), I have to be honest that Best Of 1 does not work well with back and forth games, usually. The only reason this season has been unreliable at times is because of the last moment attempt to lay down a stack, which can mean the difference between a win and a loss. StarStruck was BO3, so it was forgiving. But now we are BO1, the best games from VEX shouldn’t involve back and forth but scoring big, like Nothing But Net. At the same time though, there doesn’t have to be a limited number of items in a non-back and forth game. You can have an unlimited number of items via recycling (where items become back to being in-play after being utilized or shot). So, if anything I want to see a non-back and forth game that has items being recycled after being utilized, since that hasn’t really been introduced yet.


This is a bit unorthodox but I want to see a challenging game that you have to set you and your robot against different obstacles every time causing you to have to come up with multiple use robots.


QR8B intensifies


This is how you break things


Yeah, like land speed records.


Ok Here me out…

A back and fourth game but cooler

You are trying to shoot balls in a net that is up (Not like nothing but net style) and you are trying to fill the enemies net up. The more balls it has the more points you get. Another way to score is to fill up your colored bucket on the sides to earn more points. The final thing will be hanging in the middle of the field and only 2 robots can hang but the other 2 can try and knock the enemy off the hang. And to descore the balls in the buckets, you just tip over the bucket, or go to your net and try and knock balls out of the net.


I was going to post that…

Me before…

This does not sound like a good idea

(Ofc, depending on how high the pole is)

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just like turning point but instead of pushing. your try to knock off.

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I would like to see a game like clean sweep, but integrating stuff from other games, like turning point platforms.

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the new filed tiles do not have red and blue squares. this leads me to believe their will be flexible starting positions this year unlike turning point.


vex rarely reuses game elements.
also i could see vex doing movable “flags”. similar to in the zone but having the movable goal zones universal and not dedicated to one team.


so just candy crush for robots


This is what I was thinking originally too but someone on my sister team pointed out that colored electrical tape might be used instead of colored tiles to square off the starting zones. I’d prefer having flexible starting positions though.