Where will worlds move to?


If 5 day of hotels, food and rentals were free. I’d love to travel :man_shrugging:t2: Or if worlds wasn’t during Colleges Dead/Finals weeks that would make other places more appealing.


I kinda want worlds to move to another country


The biggest reason, in my opinion (and mentioned at least once at an EP Summit), is that of the approximately 20,000 world wide teams that compete in VEX Robotics, approximately 70- 80% of all of the teams are in the US. That ratio is approximately equal at Worlds as well. So given approximately 1400 teams at Worlds, you are asking 980 to 1120 teams from one country to travel over internationally. Compare that to the number of teams from any other individual country that has to travel to the US. Not to mention the costs that RECF would have to incur to move all of the equipment and staff as well as any other headaches that they might have to face in moving the operation to a different country. I agree that going to another country for Worlds is a wonderful idea, but realistically and logistically, it doesn’t make sense.


makes sense, just a thought lol


The hotels in Vegas are really expensive, making worlds even more expensive for teams on a budget.


i mean I’ve heard and seen that some hotels in vegas can get pretty cheap, but besides the fact, las vegas probably isn’t a good place for a bunch of minors to go to