Worlds 2019: Math Division Pre-Scouting

Years ago when I was a student i started a thread where all the teams in my worlds division could post their reveals to help with pre-competition scouting. I figured now that I’m back to mentoring I would do the same!

MATH DIVISION - POST YOUR REVEALS BELOW along with any info about your robot and it’s composition you’d like to share!

Other divisions, feel free to create similar thread as!


Our reveal isn’t out yet, but I’ll put the reveal here once we get it done. :slight_smile:

Great idea. I’m having a hard time even finding the division we’ve been assigned to. Would you mind sharing where you found it. Thank you!

Your division can be found under the division lists Here. It’s under the Worlds page of

Math here we come! :smiling_imp:




Is the platform hook you did legal in a tournament?

It is permissible to pull robots off the center platform - and the hook is also a de-scorer mechanism. Nice to see two functions :slight_smile:

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Yes. In NJ teams are pushed and pulled from the platform all the time.


I was once warmed because I started pulling from the platform at a local event. I knew it was a grey area, so I stopped. (I would’ve lost the match anyway, so it wasn’t too bad)
Afterwards, I looked it up, and with help from Connor, we determined it was legal to do so. I can try to go look up the conversation, if you like.
Edit: here it is.

Now can we get back on topic? (Don’t want to sound harsh, but this thread is about something totally different.

Sorry to put this back off topic but… At Ohio states they ruled that pulling is a form of entanglement and therefor is not legal. A team was DQed in eliminations for this strategy. Any further discussion on this topic should go to the post @Got_a_Screw_Loose mentioned.

Edit: to clarify I mean pulling is illegal whereas pushing is legal.

Nonono. A new thread would be best. I didn’t know if that ruling at Ohio State.

This happened in R16 2-1

12E Reveal

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We are in math!

We are in math as well

Here’s our video! Can’t wait to see y’all at Worlds!

97934W Reveal Video


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Here is our reveal video:
our specs are listed in our video.