315G Ratchets Explained (6 motor drive, 2 motors for everything else)


Hi all,
There has been a reasonable amount of interest in how we managed to have a 6 motor drive, 2 motor flywheel, 1 motor intake, 1 motor indexer, 1 motor scraper, and hood angle adjuster for our VEX Turning Point robot. Consequently, we made a video explaining how all of it came together and how we used several ratchets to make the robot function smoothly. Enjoy, and please let us know if you have any questions or comments!



Ratcheting transmission
Special bearings with 393 gears and partially threaded screws

haven’t watched the video yet but from the description… very big brain



Lol thanks, it’s still processing maybe give it a few mins.



that is very impressive! did you guys get build award at worlds or anything?



No, we don’t have a notebook or anything like that :slight_smile:



Amazing robot and season! I feel like you definitely led the pack in terms of motor sharing which was really cool. Thanks for the guide.



I built something like this, but for a puncher earlier in the season, but sadly we never used it because we didn’t compete in RECF. :frowning:

Regardless, this is amazing

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Did you guys use the flywheel brake for velocity control or was it more of for just slowing down when you go on different parts of the field. If not, how did you guys do velocity control?



This is very impressive! I applaud your creativity.

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This is absolutely amazing.

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I was impressed watching your robot at VEX worlds. Thanks for sharing details of your design.



We didn’t use the flywheel brake for velocity control. For velocity control, we just used PID. Not super optimal since there wasn’t a great way to slow it down if it was going too fast, but it was tuned well enough so that it worked fine.

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You guys are really amazing. I originally saw the reveal that went on saying that it was a 6 motor drive, 2 motor flywheel, 1 motor hood, 1 motor indexer, ext. I though it was a joke at the time. This is the really cool gear systems I like to see with vex robots.



I just watched the video and may I say wow, just wow. I personally have never used ratchets but I do plan to this year, and this video demonstrates using ratchets effectively just beautifully. One question I have is did you design the transmissions in cad first or just built them.



Thanks so much. It was a very incremental process, and we never used CAD software. All the planning/designing just happened mentally :slight_smile: