Best Organizations by Region (VRC)

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This thread is for discussing the best VEX organizations in your region, both in their performance on the field, and in their impact within their communities and around the world.

(Special thanks to @d_hums for inspiring me to post this!)

As for the best organizations in Florida:

4411 (WARwolf Robotics, TERRA Environmental Research Institute):

Never had a team miss States (except one that quit mid-season this year), may have had the best Florida team in Toss Up, ITZ, and Turning Point, and has given a lot of help to schools in their area.

Except for a brief period from Skyrise to Nothing But Net (and maybe Starstruck), they have had one of the best teams in the state every year, from 4411A and 4411B in the early years, to all four of their teams in ITZ, and especially 4411S in Turning Point, who is definitely one of the best Florida teams in the history of VEX.

For as long as there has been a Florida State Championship, no 4411 team has missed States, except for one team this year which stopped competing mid-season (and probably would have qualified for States if they had continued).

In addition to their excellent performance on the field, several students from 4411 have given back to their community by mentoring other teams in their city (specifically 13001 and 59) over at least the past two years.

VEX Forum members: @Mystellianne (very helpful), 4411Pipe

7121 (Maverick Robotics, Archbishop McCarthy HS):

Frequently volunteering, qualifies most of their teams to States, consistently makes it to elims at local events, and 3-time state champ

Every year, almost all of 7121’s teams make it to the elimination rounds at their local tournaments, and I remember them being a weekly threat for the Excellence and Design Awards.

The original 7121 was the #1 seed and tournament champion at the first ever Florida State Championship (in Toss Up), and continued to rank near the top and frequently win the Excellence Award until they graduated after Starstruck.

And in ITZ and Turning Point, 7121E was State Champions two years in a row (for all of Florida in ITZ, and South Florida in Turning Point, although they probably could have won for all of Florida that year, too). I considered them one of the top 2-3 teams in the state both years, and the only ones I would rank above them this year were teams they collaborated with.

In addition to all this on-field success, their coaches, parents, and students have volunteered at several tournaments, including both editions of the annual Broward County Public Schools tournament, and the emcee from their school was the emcee at a large number of events in South Florida up through ITZ, in addition to States in Starstruck (and maybe previous years, too).

5956 (Bangarang, Timber Creek HS):

5956 has qualified at least one team to Worlds every year for the past five seasons (2014-2019), and I suspect that they might have something to do with the explosion in teams in the Orlando area over the past 3 seasons. (Bart Nash, who used to run States, might have had something to do with that, too, and/or other people.)

VEX Forum members: Someone who was on 5956A in Skyrise, but I don’t remember the name at the moment. Also Jaime and Cooper on the Discord.

6430 (Trinity Dragons):

Best organization in the state 3 out of 5 years; qualified both/all of their teams to Worlds every year except debut season; very helpful on forum; likely a Worlds Excellence contender in Starstruck

With the possible exception of their first year (where not enough data is available), 6430 has had an argument for at least one of their teams being the best team in the state, every single year, and for their last 2 years, it was almost undisputed. (The main debate for NBN wold be whether it was 6430 or 6430B who was better, and for Starstruck, 6430 and 88666X did about equally well in Florida, and 88666X was the #1 seed at States, but 6430 was the #1 seed, and made it to finals, in the Research Division at Worlds, which was predicted to be the hardest division that year.)

At Worlds, 6430B made it to finals as a third pick in Skyrise, and was the undefeated 2nd seed in their division in NBN (coming a few SP’s short of being #1), and 6430 went 8-2 in Skyrise and 10-0 in Starstruck (being the #1 seed and making it to finals in what was predicted to be the most competitive division at Worlds that year). Other than their first season, they have qualified all of their teams for Worlds every year (2 for Toss Up through NBN, and 3 in Starstruck), and in each hand of these years they had at least one team go 6-4 or better (and usually 8-2 or better).

Even after most of the original 6430 students graduated, two of them (plus one 6430X student from VEX IQ) continued on as 1533M, and continued their streak of being arguably the best team every year (their main competitors during that time being 7121E and 4411S, plus 910X this year and 554Z last year).

After competing only in VEX IQ during ITZ and Turning Point, it sounds like 6430 will be back for this season (likely as a middle school team for this year), so I expect more success to come.

VEX Forum members: @TriDragon (coach), Scarr, RossTheBoss, @braeden.adams.

77788 (Cyber Eagles, Calvary Christian Academy - the one in Fort Lauderdale):

Hasn't had a team miss States in the past 2 years; consistently makes elims at Worlds; very friendly

Except for their debut season, they have qualified every single one of their VRC teams to States every year, and have sent at least one team to Worlds. This year, all 3 of their teams who made it to Worlds, and all 4 of their teams who made it to the CREATE U.S. Open, made it to the elimination rounds in their divisions.

They are also very friendly to other teams, and especially 77321J (the team I was the assistant coach for in ITZ).

This year, 77788Y won the Excellence Award at the South Florida State Championship, and I expect them to be one of the best teams in the state for at least the next 3 years (along with 77788G and 77788H), especially after this season when 910X graduates.

VEX Forum members: @ZachDaChampion (very helpful), plus others on the Discord.

6105C/67766/1644 (Suncoast Polytechnical HS):

Best multi-team organization in North/Central Florida last year; rapidly growing

This past year, Suncoast Polytechnical High School has probably been the best-performing multi-team organization in North/Central Florida, and I expect them to do even better next year.

I remember they also loaned their field for use as the Skills field at the USF Signature Event in Tampa.

I have to give some credit to Brookside Middle School (6105B and 6105D) here, too, because although 1644 was a great team, especially in NBN, the school was even better this season, after 6105C graduated from Brookside to SPHS - and I’m sure existing SPHS student @Adam_6105C contributed a lot, too, and that @67766A_Randy and the other new 67766A students played a big role in their own success.)

VEX Forum members: Adam_6105C, ItzChilly, CSpencer, 67766A_Randy (Jack), plus Armand and Candice (and maybe others) on the Discord.

4330 (Ransom Everglades Upper School):

Despite not doing quite as well on the field as many other teams recently (although 4330N and 4330R were some of the best in the state from at least Sack Attack through NBN, and 7936X in Sack Attack), people from their school have volunteered at almost every event I have been to in South Florida, as the EP (or helping out the EP), the head referee, the Tournament Manager software operator, and sometimes the emcee. (If I’m not mistaken, two of them have even refereed and emceed at the same time!)

VEX Forum members: @JoshyB. @vanLidth

13001 (Tiger Industries, W.R. Thomas Middle School):

In addition to their excellent on-field performance this year (they, 6105B, and 77788H were definitely the top 3 teams in Florida for middle school VRC this year), their coach Adam Mack is also an excellent EP (he ran South Florida States), and emceed at every single event in South Florida from February to March (and likely January, too), in addition to being the emcee and head referee at the first annual USF Signature Event in Tampa.

Honorable Mention:

99969 (Westwood Middle School):

Their coach, @sankeydd, has helped a lot of people on the VEX Forum, and also performed a lot of the responsibilities of running North/Central Florida States this year, in addition to running two events of his own (which may have been the most well-received events in the state based on what I have heard about them).

Edited to add:

34203/88666/5267/8899X (Braden River HS):

One of the top organizations in the state from NBN to ITZ; Trinity Dragons' main rival

Their teams were Trinity Dragons’ main rivals for the title of “best team in the state” in NBN and Starstruck, and continued to be among the best teams in the state in ITZ.

Even when their original group of students graduated after ITZ, 34203X continued to be (by my estimates) one of the top 10 teams in the state for Turning Point.

For ITZ, Skull & Bones split off from Braden River High School to become an independent team, and continued to be one of the best teams in the state.

I also remember a girl named Aisha who scouted for 88666D and was the driver for 34203Z in ITZ, who was one of the friendliest people I’ve met in VEX.

Note: The two teams they had during the height of their success both consisted of students who had also had great success in middle school - Skull & Bones at Haile Middle School as 2711 and 8899Z, and Vexecutives as 7222X at Nolan Middle School. Based on what I heard about the Vexecutives organization (which includes teams from several different schools in Manatee County, Florida), I believe the coach of 34203X was also involved in coaching their predecessors.

4154 (U.S.S.R., NSU University School):

Dominated South Florida for 3 years, and stayed good since then; made it to Worlds every year for the past 6 years

4154A was the most dominant team in South Florida every year from Skyrise through Starstruck, and the #1 seed and State Champion in Skyrise. They also won the Excellence Award at States in NBN.

After 4154A’s original students graduated, 4154B continued their school’s success by winning back-to-back Design Awards at States, and was one of the top 10-15 teams in the state both years despite major changes in the lineup of their students.

4154 has sent at least one team to Worlds every year for the past 6 years (every year since Toss Up), and has always had at least one of their teams win at least 40% of their matches.

VEX Forum Members: One member of 4154A tried to join the VEX Forum during Skyrise, but I haven’t confirmed whether the account was approved.

508 (PiraTech, Palm Bay HS):

Consistently a top team through NBN, and has still consistently made it to States and won awards at local events since then. Had a resurgence near the end of this year.

508 was one of the most successful organizations in the state from the first years of VEX that I know of, up until the NBN season. They haven’t done quite as well on the field since Starstruck, but they have still consistently sent at least two teams to state every year, and have won the Design Award at local events and the Spirit Award at States.

(508J even finished 2nd in the qualifying rounds at North Florida States this year.)

More Honorable Mentions:

8336 (Gladiators 1-2, Hialeah Gardens HS):

8336Z won the Excellence Award at North Florida States this year (after coming all the way from the Miami area), and the Build Award in the Arts Division at Worlds, all in their first year since Starstruck and their first year going to more than 1-2 tournaments.

Even though they haven’t been around for long, I expect them to continue to perform well in the future.

2711/8899Z (Haile Middle School):

Haile Middle School was dominant from at least Gateway through Skyrise, after which their last VRC students (8899Z) graduated and became Skull & Bones (with an older student also joining). (Haile Middle School continued in VEX IQ after this, as well.)

8899Z was also a division finalist (as a third pick), and the division Build Award winner, at Worlds in Skyrise.

1360/1361 (Vibots, Robotics Engineering Academy/McLane Middle School):

They were extremely successful from at least Gateway to Skyrise, in both middle school and high school, and I’ve heard that a girl from their team was an inspiration to Sean Carr of 6430 when he was starting out in VEX.

They also returned for a few events in Turning Point (after having been in VEX IQ since it was founded), so we may be seeing more of them in the future.


In Singapore, the answer is obvious. (8059)

In Ohio, where I am, 2011 from Brecksville has had some spectacular high school teams, and their large collection of Excellence Awards to show for it.
Also, 6008 from North Union has some amazing mentors. I haven’t seen a poor robot from them yet.
But, I should mention 60883. While, competitively, they have really flown under the radar, they have been integral to Ohio team relations. They brought a bunch of us together, and they deserve to be commended for that.


(Also from Ohio.)

I’d have to add 11124 Elyria to the list. I feel like both 11124 and 6008 have almost always been some of the top teams in Ohio, not to mention having rather good middle school teams as well. 6741, Tiger Tech, would also be another good Ohio mention, they tend to always be really friendly and have decent robots.


I don’t do much right, but I like to run events. Lots of pizza drama…

Wouldn’t be possible without our amazing local VEXU team, GATR. VEX is still pretty young in my area and refs are hard to find! The fact that my middle school teams are not competitive actually helps because the awards all go to teams that are not affiliated with my school.


The top two organizations in Georgia would be 1320 (Tucker) and 1961 (South Forsyth). To give a little perspective 1320 accounts for 57 awards given out in ga (34% of awards given out in ga) and 1961 accounts for 28 awards given out in ga (17% of awards given out in ga).

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In Cali, 6627, 86868, 448, 21, 1437, 315, 8000, and 5776 have all been completely insane in the last few years. And I like to think 6671 is on that list as well :stuck_out_tongue:


These organizations have been among the most successful in West Virginia over the last few years. All fielded at least two teams last year.

  • 3273 Wayne HS
  • 8330 Westwood MS
  • 20610 Marion COMETS
  • 27183 Ripley HS
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In Washington State, the two oldest, perennially Worlds-qualifying organizations I know the best are Exothermic 10 (and formerly 575) and WASABI 1492. Another strong program that’s not quite as ancient as those two is C-Bots from Cavelero Midhigh 7784. There are a couple other strong teams in the region that come and go, but they’re singleton teams and not full-blown programs.


In ontario,

  • 1104 the discobots from Brampton Ontario (I think we all know about them?)
  • 5225A the e-bots pilons (fun)
  • 99900A Caution Tape - these guys are a first year team, but already made provs finals, pretty impressive if you ask me.
  • 114T lone wolf robotics has never failed to impress

There’s probably a few more “historically” good teams, such as 99000, 200, 1505, 1509, 50505, and 356 but I’m pretty sure the ones above are going to be the “biggest names” with good organization and consistently high-hitting teams.


I guess I’ll do Hawaii since no one on the forums really wanted to apparently.

The usual is 359 the Hawaiian Kids. Qualify for worlds every year for 15 years, have made it to the round robin 2 times as I can remember as well as made it to finalists in skyrise.

4142 from Pearl City have been dominant in the region as they are tournament champion, skills or excellence at any competition they attend in Hawaii.

For middle school it’s 394 Highlands Intermediate, Hawaii only has one middle school spot and it usually is them as they will win the middle school excellence award and are able to keep up with the high school teams with amazing driving and robot designs. Not to mention 2010 Middle School Excellence Award.

Can we include IQ? Because if we can then I can include 3 other teams.


I’d be interested in hearing your IQ top 3 :3

I second 4142, their program is pretty good.

359, however, didn’t meet expectations in 2018-2019 imo. They failed to adapt their strategy through the season. They stuck with a primarily Cap robot with roller intake, and a puncher.


In Minnesota Mankato 8110 club usually dominates. This year 3 of the 4 teams in MN state finals where 8110 teams.

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TLDR: 1644 didnt officially represent Suncoast Polytech until this upcoming year(Tower Takeover). Suncoast Polytech should have at least 3 majorly competitive teams next year(6105C, 1551, 6105B(Whatever there new number is), and 1644Y.

Just to be clear, 1644 X and Z went to Suncoast Polytech but were a private team and only officially represented the school at TSA States.
6105C transferred from Brookside Middle School to Suncoast Polytech High between ITZ and TP and we acted as mentors this past year for 6105B.
67766A was 95% on their own this season and as a full team of first year vex students, they did insanely well. The only help they recieved was some programming help.
Unfortunately, 67766A broke up immediately following worlds and will be splitting across 3 teams next year.
Candice(Programmer and Notebook) will be moving to 6105C.
Seth(Build) and Jack(Driver) will be starting a team under the number 1551 still at the same school.
Sam(Program and Scout) will be reviving 1644 with their last remaining original member under 1644Y(1644 officially representing the school).
Something really exciting is that 6105B will be moving to Suncoast Polytech except for one of their programmers who has 1 more year of middle school and their driver who will be attending a different school. Josh(scout) will be joining 1551 as scouting and notebook. The rest of their members will be joining Andreas(Former 6105C programmer) to start another team at Suncoast Polytech.

I am the only graduating student(6105C Programmer) from any of the talked about teams and will be back as a mentor and coach.


Going off what @John_TYler said, I agree when I say that the top teams in Washington State are Exothermic (10 & 575), Wasabi (1492), and the Viking Colt Robotics Club (7784 & 8931) even though I may be biased when saying this. However, I know that my former club, the Viking Colt Robotics club has consistently been at State and Worlds each year since our club started way back in the Sack Attack season. It is also arguably the largest club in the state that I know of. They have several dozen teams between both of the team numbers and have around 100 members between our school district’s high school and middle school.

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In Arizona:

High School:
Both Rubberband Robotics and Vortex Alliance (2114)
Phoenix Lights (8800)
Microchip- Radio Active (5090)
Shoot ‘N Score (52351)

Middle School:
ACP-Oakland (7830)
Willis Firebots (6142)

Just my two cents for my home state.
Maybe the middle school powerhouses might change next year as @Sylvie will leave the Firebots.

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Take that @Zenix

I mean @zenix is correct that Arizona really isn’t great. Those teams are good relative to other teams in Arizona, but on the world scale Arizona isn’t particularly up there. (Not to take away from the hard work and effort put into the robots from those teams.)