design advice for beginners

Hello. We just started building Vex v5 robots.where can we find design samples for spin up robot? Thanks


As @9MotorGang mentions, I would highly recommend the Harvard-Westlake robot design. While I have not observed a novice team build one, I’ve watched the videos and believe this is well within the wheelhouse of a rookie team. The robot introduces many valuable build skills (cross-bracing, etc.) that will get your builders into good habits. I think they’ve also broken up the build in such a way that individual team members could build 1component on their own and then come together at the end to assemble each component into the robot. This engages more of the team, as often I observe that there is one person doing the work and 4 people watching in newer teams.


thank you for all the replies

The Harvard-Westlake design is great but requires expensive/hard to find parts. If you’re short on resources I would recommend the mentorbuilt design as it uses more easily accessible parts.