Does anyone have a fully updated fusion 360 VEX parts library that they would be willing to share?

I’ve decided to learn how to CAD this summer, and I am yet to find a library with the new gears, sensors, flex wheels, etc. Does such a library exist, and if so, would someone be willing to share it? I could probably make my own library, but I’m lazy and thought that I might as well check the forum first.

If you have windows 10 you can download protobot beta 1.3, it is a cad software made for vex robots that has all the parts you need


Oh, that sounds cool! ill check that out. Thanks!

Fusion 360 parts library and add-on here:


What does the add-on do?

it downloads the files into your Fusion 360 so you can quickly access them and put them into your design

The addon allows you to quickly modify the length of c-channels in the program. It’s super helpful.


Not only this, but it adds inserts for gears and works for axles too.

For those who have not used the library linked above, C-channel has construction points in the center of all the holes for easy joints, so the addon not only changes the length of the channel (extrude-like feature), it also adds/removes the construction points (linear pattern-like feature).


The developers of this library were working on this feature when they released the library, but it is not implemented to the best of my knowledge


except pneumatics, plexiglass, chain, and the alike.

Protobot doesn’t have gussets

That is correct and the reason there have not been any updates with bug fixes and new VEX parts yet.

My plan was to build an external parts manager to import local files (which @djavaisadog and I got a basic version of working a while back) instead of uploading the whole library to fusion so that there wouldn't be duplicate part files with every update.

I was working on making the add-in be able to automatically update itself and the local parts library from GitHub, but I frankly just got busy and shelved the project.

If anyone is seriously interested in helping with and/or taking over development on the the fusion library and add-in then please DM me here or on Discord and I’d be happy to have a conversation about it. Tipping point was my final season and I don’t plan on doing VEX U at least for now so I don’t know when (if ever) I will make the time to finish release 2.0 myself.

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