How To Fix Intake Compression [Guide]

I figured out a simple and easy lock mechanism for intakes to fix nearly all compression issues. The tricky balancing game between strength, being able to bend the intakes back, the bands not snapping, and the arm spreading when the tilter is tilted forwards is solved by a simple lock as seen below or on youtube


I know @Doctortictac and some others were having issues with this, so maybe this might help.

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how do you keep compression when the arms are lifted?

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The bands hold enough tension to lift a single cube as needed when scoring towers.

We have that same problem, so we can try this at practice today! Thanks sooo much!

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You are very welcome.

Saw that screw come off. Good luck finding where it goes. :+1:

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  1. That happens all the time
  2. Not sure which screw you are referring to
  3. Just call it dynamic weight reduction

This is my new favorite quote


I have found that with this I only really need 2 bands on each side.

@TaranMayer I’m confused on how it locks into place. Would you mind providing a close up picture of the mechanism and the locking in? Thanks!

Does this help?


@TaranMayer how well does it lock in place as the standoff isn’t bent on the spacer assembly

@TaranMayer What do you think is the maximum amount of cubes this can push up a tray?

@33691A-Gold_Dusk It locks into place quite well

@Riptide It can do 9 EZ, I’d expect that it coulddo at least 15 if not for the limits of how many cubes you can physically put in a tray.

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That’s pretty slick Taran. Good job.


@TaranMayer yes this helps, thank you!

Did you try it out on your robot?

I have not yet, taking a few days off. However, when I get to it I will try. Thank you for the guide, I’m sure it will help a lot of people.

How do you do the locking mechanism on the rollers?
(Not on the tray.)