Intake trouble - no flex wheels


I’m on a small, new team at a liberal arts HS that doesn’t have a ton of extra parts. Neither flex wheels nor pneumatics are going to arrive in time for the next competition.
Bottom line is that our intake is having trouble. We’re using treads with standoffs screwed into them and they do a good job of bringing the discs up to the flywheel, but not initially getting them up the intake. Flex wheels seem to be what everyone’s using but we sadly won’t get them in time.
Would intake rollers or standard wheels do the job or is there not enough “give” to those?
Can post pictures in the next few days.

Thanks all.

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You can try using intake rollers or you can take 6 tooth sprockets and wrap the traction treads around them and connect them to a floating intake. A intake some other teams are using is just some rubber bands stretched onto sprockets.


This is a good robot built with no pneumatics or flex wheels
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Gears with rubber bands wrapped around them are actually cracked.

Tad hard to see but you can see it if you look hard enough.

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You could also use cut pneumatics tubing

This post may help

Our current intake.

The loose sprockets are from previous iterations. We don’t have much time to make changes at this point but am looking into rubber bands on sprockets as that seems feasible at the moment. Thanks all.

Read this and try to take inspiration from some of these staple VRC intake designs

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