New Products - August 2019

A few new VEX Products have just been added to the website. 2 for VEX IQ, and 2 for VEX EDR.

First up, the IQ products:

The VEX IQ Field case can be used to transport an entire VEX IQ Half (soon to be third :slightly_smiling_face:) Field Kit

Next, the VEX IQ Challenge Robot Sizing Tool. Similar to that for VRC, this tool can be used to make sure VIQC robots will fit in the required starting dimensions.

The two new VEX EDR products go hand-in-hand. Introducing Star Drive Shaft Collars and Set Screws.

All four of these new products are now available to purchase from the VEX Robotics US site. They will be available through our channel of resellers and international websites as stock ships out over the coming weeks.


Star drive shaft collars? Awesome!


Less than 8, I hope…


Anyone know if theres going to be new sensors released this year?


Will the new star-drive shaft collars replace the old hex ones in the V5 Competition Super Kit? Our organization is considering buying one or more of those.


cool! new products are always fun


The hex set screws will strip out (or get lost) soon enough, then you can just replace them with torx set screws you buy in bulk from a non-vex supplier!


Hey a blue container for VEX fields! I have one of them too!

Mine holds 6 fields and the elements!


Surprised VEX does not offer directly the Softtile carry bag!


We bought a V5 Competition Super kit in April of this year and it came with the star-drive shaft collars. There were no hex screws of any sort in the kit.


Thankyou so much. I don’t know when why or why but over half our shaft collars are missing tiny screws.

Whats the difference between star drive shaft collar and regular ones? And isnt set screws already existing or is it just my team buying it not from vex?

On a more practical note, if you follow the instructions How to make a handle for boxes you can then carry the original boxes. Better is to stack the tiles as 2*1 and strap that, then put all the corners and sides into a single box. Not as much to assemble / disassemble, and when we get to the bigger fields it still a pile of floor and a box of sides. I may start stacking the floor as 3 * 1 to keep the height of the stack down.

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The regular shaft collars and associated set screws had a hex head. The star drive ones take a different screwdriver tip (T8 Torx) that is less prone to stripping.

That’s the nissan cube, it has already been discontinued and is no longer legal for competition.


No but aren’t the regular ones already star drive?

No, the current ones are hex drives. Hex for hexagon. Star drives are stars. Star for…well…star. it’s kinda star shaped. With pointy ends. I’m not looking forward to having to buy new drivers though.

No the ones which I had shippedin the super kit were star drive?

I invested in a ratchet driver and some bits, and trust me when I tell you that it’s life changing.


What’s a ratchet driver?