Petition to make a speaker module for VRC

  • Have a speaker module on V5
  • Don’t have a speaker module on V5
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I think a speaker would be really cool. @jpearman yall should make this thing happen.

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did you forget the topic you made on this already and received the answer to why it is impossible?


Didn’t we cover this before ?

The V5 does not have DAC (digital to analog conversion) capability, it would be a hardware change to the V5 brain to add audio, not going to happen.

The cpu in EXP does have a DAC, therefore it has audio.

IQ generation 2 had to have similar capability as IQ generation 1, so it can play simple sounds, but (at least for the time being, perhaps one day) there’s no capability for users to add sounds.


So glad the speaker went away. Primary use case was sucking up student time to play “another one bites the dust”.


Odds are some younger kids will end up using it to be obnoxious

you can use the vex brain normally and the EXP for the sound but it would be kinda annoying

Wouldn’t it be cool to allow students to make their own VRC legal add-on modules within limited areas of functionality, like the sound?

Perhaps, even have a special award category that judges design and build process of such electronics, subject to special rules and limitations, of course.


So so so sad to think this is the best thing that people want to focus the top minds at VEX creating,


Oh pick me pick me, are you thinking of the VEX part contest were the best designed VEX parts win an award AND THEN THEY ACTUALLY MAKE AND SELL THEM? Across the last 4 years there have been parts that I went “Yep, give it a SKU and a price and take my money, ship me 4”. Cause that entire “you cant 3D print parts, but if VEX printed them and then sold them that would be just fine.”

Sell me the award winners.!!


My team, during In the Zone, did a cone counter, which was somewhat helpful (auto-scoring cones on the mogo had to target specific height and if it missed, the second driver had a chance to tick the internal counter up or down, with audible, spoken feedback from the robot).
They missed the speaker when we switched to V5.

Anyway, adding external speaker to V5 would be quite easy. The smart ports could be reconfigured to act as a RS485 UART (up to 115200bps I believe) with user-code provided payload, while there is enough buffering in the OS for user thead to feed 8khz/8bit audio in real time.


actually up to 921600 (I think that’s within 3% allowed tolerance)


Oh wow… forgot about that one. What a throwback. Ok maybe V6 can you guys do that though cuz it would be really cool.

Yes. Yes it is. Also making the software open source but >_>

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Might want to read your own thread. While it’s not categorized as chit chat, it could be…


I wouldn’t call it chit chat. Since it’s requesting something to be made, instead of just “let’s make a new memes thread” I think it’s fine. Plus, I don’t necessarily have a problem with chit chat threads, it’s just that when people make 17 of the same one literally days between each other it’s ridiculous, which I stated.

You mean, like:

from The VEX Clip-On Spacer | Online Challenges
I wonder if Vex will go for Self-Timing Competition Switch | Online Challenges, see
A Timing Competition Switch



Submitted by vex99157
Entry ID #: 6247
Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 10:26 PM

They look pretty neat, wonder if @Sidoti will cross reference these for VIQ? :roll_eyes:

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