Programming Tips

Does anyone have any general suggestions on how to make a good drivetrain and codebase for a consistent auton?

It is hard to get 100% but my team found tank drive with Omni wheels in front and traction in back works well. (3.25 inch wheels)

And for code test over and over until you get consistency.

I recommend learning how to make PIDs as they help your autons use sensors more effectively. Heres a good guide:
introduction_to_pid_controllers_ed2.pdf (400.2 KB)

Hey, you should check out this post by @Xenon27 , he created these great drivetrains, most of the time you can code pretty much every drivetrain, however, most of the time the problem with coding is that the drivetrain is not boxed and square. He also mentions this idea in the post. Hope this helps

This is C++ I’m guessing? Has anyone tried to do it in Python? I mean it looks simple enough to convert, but just thought I’d ask.

Also been wondering where in the code it would go, I’m guessing after our functions area.