Robot design tower takeover

Please take this poll and tell us what type of robot you believe we should use we need ideas for an upcoming competition

There are literally like 3 good robot designs this year. Pick one. We don’t know anything abt what u wanna do so we can’t decide for u.

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dude. The name of the game is design your own robot. (well it’s technically tower takeover but the purpose is designing) YOU design something.


Wait, Vex is about designing and building stuff? I thought you were just supposed to ask random people on the internet what design you should use and go with their answers. I believe in the clawbot type of robot, so you should definitley use that type of robot.


You should try to solve issues and design yourself. This forum is for issues you cannot get past. The community helps if you are having issues


Some of the responses are… rightfully harsh. Build your own robot, dude. Nobody ever got anywhere without an inkling of creativity. Have some self respect and come up with it yourself.


@Ethan120, you got to be kidding us!

We have no idea about your building skill, how competitive is your state, or which parts you have.

Also, you didn’t tell us when is your competition.

So let me take a wild guess:

  • you are a first year middle school team.
  • your first competition is this Saturday.
  • you don’t have anything built yet.
  • the only parts you have are:
    – 4 omni wheels, 4 V5 motors
    – 7 60T gears, 22 c-channels
    – a handful of screws and nuts
    – ridiculous amount of rope

This is the robot you should build:

Everybody is dying to see it in the real competition.

I am just kidding. It is what everybody said. If you tell us who you are, what you already know, and how much time you have we could give you some pointers.


String-dexer is the like the worst possible design decision to make in tower takeover. I hope this is satire.

Edit: It’s satire. And honestly this is a really good assumption for this post.

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Hey now dont be throwing that shade at Codec lol :slight_smile:


Ethan, if you sincerely don’t know where to start, please, forgive our kids. They are bright and feisty bunch!

Please, tell us more about your situation, and everybody who already commented on this thread will be more than happy to help you to get started, and solve any specific problems that you may encounter while designing and building your robot. They are great at it!

However, on the remote chance that you were trolling then, yes, I agree with @Illyana - based on the only part list and skill level information I’ve seen in this thread @Codec’s DR4B Extending Reverse Stacker (V2) design seems to be perfect fit for you.

But, assuming you are serious, I would start by looking at the examples of the proven tray designs that many teams are adopting this season:

Please, don’t hesitate to come back to VEX Forum to ask those specific design questions you may have.


I also know that other teams are using this idea. (This is in Oregon.)

One robot that splits into two tethered 4m wall/pushbots, each driven by its own controller.

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