Suggested topics just recently locked threads...?

The suggested topics are all now just closed threads. I don’t usually click through these but they are usually a little more interesting than this… Anyone else seeing this?



Yes, I think the admins finally found a way to mass-lock old threads.

If you go to the Unread page (in the desktop view), you can dismiss those new-post indicators all at once.


We ran it yesterday … as time goes on, I think they should fall off the list. But, since they’ve all been updated recently, it may show a few older/locked threads for a little while down there. Dismissing the new post indicators as @Barin suggested should help also.


This also must have changed the number of topics counted as recent which, apparently, triggered a purge of TL3 ranked uses:

Out of about 60 users with regular status that vexforum used to have, there are now only 28 left - probably, only those who read the majority of topics and posts.

Not that it makes a lot of difference, since TL3 carries almost no extra benefits, but it is curious how that change had propagated through the system.

Edit: Trust Levels were discussed before: Forum Trust Levels, Regular Status, TL3 Lounge


If you have ever. Posted in a thread you’ll get the notification, so you only get an unread message for something you’ve seen. If you haven’t commented then you’ll be blissfully ignorant to most locks

Regulars still have some perks like the higher daily likes and better spam flags.

Yay, I survived the great regulars purge of 2020!


Lol, I did not! I guess I have some work to do…


If it seems this important, it must go down in the history books.

I survived as well :slight_smile:


I too have survived.
But then again I visit multiple times a day, so theres that


I may have helped cause this, I had found a script that does the lock on the meta board and passed it onto Drow, who ran it on the VEX forum.

In my case it was a nice bump from the past, seeing the older contests (all hail the clawbot) and things like the waffle bot.

I think it will be good that the older threads are locked so zombie threads are a thing of the past.

@Brandon_Martus how long did the script run on CD since that message base is huge compared to the VEX forum?


VEX took about an hour to run. CD started about 20 hours ago and may still be running. Although, I used to automatically lock threads in vBulletin in a handful of subforums, so it’s not as bad as it could have been.


Turns out I don’t like enough… Guess I need to be a little more positive!


Plus you are having the busiest day on CD today.

For people that may be interested…

Site Statistics for VEX forum

Last 7 Last 30 All Time
Topics 96 578 36.5k
Posts 37.0k 51.4k 467k
Users 56 389 25.0k
Active Users 916 2.0k
Likes 3.0k 14.6k 129k

Site Statistics for Chief Delphi

Last 7 Last 30 All Time
Topics 356 714 162k
Posts 172k 200k 2.6M
Users 361 668 43.1k
Active Users 4.0k 5.0k
Likes 11.6k 33.3k 310k

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