VEX IQ Rise Above Robots

This is just a place to share cool and interesting robots designs for VEX IQ Rise Above!

I’m building the Razorbill. It’s a really cool design, and it’s really good too. The Razorbill is probably even better than the 4 bar hook design.

Before creating a new topic, please use the search bar. I searched and found three other topics with nearly the same title, some of which have not been used in a while, so that’d be a good place to post a question or ask if anyone has robot ideas / share one of your own:

  1. New Robot Designs for VEX IQ Rise Above
  2. 2020 - 2021 VEX IQ Challenge - Rise Above
  3. Rise Above Robot Ideas

There are probably others out there that I missed, but you get the point. I understand that this topic is a little different, but maybe create a new topic if you have a specific question or idea.

Supporting @anonymouse, as of now, Razorbill is the best robot that I have seen, and in my opinion better than the 4-bar hook design. I have heard rumors of better robots, but have not seen any.