That Moment When


This thread is for you to post those one-off moments that are still wildly relatable.

So let me start it off:

That moment when you are looking through the .25" screw box for any stray .375" screws.


That moment when a part falls off you’re robot in the middle of a match


That moment when you lose by one point


that moment during inspection where the inspectors trying to use the sizing tool, and it wont pass through, yet there is a huge gap on the other side of the robot.



ok that got me.


That moment when you’re paired with the top seeded team, and they White Screen.


That moment when your autonomous goes backward when it’s supposed to go forward.


That moment when the flagpole falls over and scores all the points to blue and it causes you to lose


That moment when you put a lot of thought into a clear, concise forum post, but someone posts after you and changes the topic of conversation.

That moment when you have the answer to a question immediately after it’s posted, but someone beats you to the post while you’re typing.


that moment when you run out of room for your ratchet


That moment when you accidentally run your skills auton and consequently shoot at the opponents and tip your bot by driving into a wall.


That moment when you have a good autonomous, but you partner crosses the line.


When you carefully plan how you are going to build something then immediately begin screwing stuff into the wrong place and have to take it apart.


That moment when you chose the red side autonomous when you’re blue (and end up shooting people in the head)


That moment when you disassemble something cause you assembled it wrong then re-assemble it wrong again.


That moment when the match starts and your robot doesn’t move because you forgot to turn it on.


that moment when your soon to be alliance partner accidentally drops their robot and it shatters so you need to find a new one at the last minute


That moment when your alliance gets a screw stuck in a hole in the platform and in an effort to free them yo get yourself stuck on their robot.


That moment when you have spent super long on a robot and then at a competition you use pros for programming and corrupt your brain.