Intake Compression Questions Thread

Our team has a tray bot that can go as low as 30 degrees, and we are working on a tray that expands for room for 14 cubes. I wanted to do some research to see what intake could possibly do that right. Assuming torque is not a problem (can just use 100rpm motors with 12 or 18 tooth sprockets) what are some good tips to help with compression? Is there a way to make the flaps grippier or have a certain flap pattern that fixes compression? How far apart should the chain itself be from the chain on the other intake? Since the cubes are 5.5 inches, what between 5.5in and 7in is a good goldilocks zone? Also, does having a longer intake help? And, should the intake be parallel with the tray?

30 degree tray might be too low IMO
You probably have to optimize your tilter geometry heavily to accommodate it, and use a much higher gear reduction than 1:7.

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18t 200 rpm should work for 14 cubes on a 30 degree tray but I would reccomend doing an intake with the inner rollers geared for 100 rpm and the outer rollers geared for 166 rpm.

build the robot so the intake is 5 inches to 5.5 inches wide. the natural flex of the structural pieces will allow the intakes to expand while retaining enough compression.