Thread Killers

Ok so I’m pretty new to Vex Forums, have been exploring the site for a week or two now, and have even started a small thread of my own. But something I noticed while reading some of the discussions on here is people trying to close, take down, or delete threads in the heat of discussions. Even in my own thread people were asking for it to be closed because the question was already answered. And honestly I find this really annoying. Why do you want to close the thread just as the discussion is getting interesting? In some I have seen people asking for it to be taken down because it is dead, when there are clearly many comments coming in. In my own thread people were asking to close the discussion because the questions was already answered, but why? It should stay open, so that others can share their knowledge, and any updates on the situation. (My thread was about Corona). Also, the whole reason I started my thread was because the main “Corona virus and Worlds” thread has been shut down, and I couldn’t ask my question there. So by killing threads you are essentially creating more. We should just let these discussions live their lives, until they are officially dead and literally no one uses them anymore. Why are we trying to speed up the process? These discussions are valuable recourses for vex students, why are we trying to close them? And if you don’t want to hear them, they’re too loud, or too busy, don’t listen!

This is my take on it all, let me know if you too have noticed this behavior and see no reason behind it.

No disrespect guys, love you all, but c’mon, you’re better than this.

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If the answer has been said more than once. Its just filling up space then.

Corona threads are everywhere and talk about the SAME thing. Dan will have an announcement soon so there is no reason to keep on talking about it… just wait. Some are valuable but some are just not using the search bar. By killing threads we hope to see others not redo the same thread. So we just need to use the search bar more often and just wait until OFFICIAL Announcements on Corona and other things.


Im not trying to act mean just the same thread over and over just makes no sense.

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Either, the thread is a duplicate of something that already exists, or people are getting too toxic and moderators need to calm it down. Also, everyone is sick and tired about hearing about coronavirus, so I’m not surprised at the harshness of reactions to those threads.


I see your point.
But I also think we may see theses threads differently,
I see them as a place for discussion and to continue the convo. About important topics, sharing info so that others can learn.
Some may see it as just a question and answer.
Honestly it’s both, and maybe there can’t be a happy medium.

But at the exact same time its about…

Worlds and Corona and the announcement… The thing most threads talk about. No point of rumoring and guessing if we will have an answer tomorrow hopefully.

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Well if we take down or close them then people are less likely to see them, therefore starting another thread.

Search bar is the tool to use then

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You got point there.

see what i mean. no point of all these threads if we have a search tool and if we just wait for the official announcement

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Well for Corona, remember how on that huge thread, there was misinformation shared? I think that is a reason to keep them open, for people to help inform others on the situation, and alert them if they are reading fake news


News. And just website about corona. One thread is all we need. We dont need the same thread. Just be patient and wait for the announcement.

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Thank you Taran.

If people use the search bar it will show these.

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I agree, but people were trying to kill that one big thread on Corona, and now it’s closed, the biggest on pe was closed, which opens new ones

No it doesnt. It just shows the spam even though they said that they will announce OFFICIALLY tommorow or this week.


So then should we just release a big PSA on using the search bar?

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wdym. its common sense. search bar allows you to not make an exact thread that was earlier

Well obviously it’s jot common sense because, as Taran said , people kept opening discussions on Corona

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Ok… This is getting no where now.
Use the search bar for now on and just look at other threads before opening a new one

and you can edit your post to fix spelling errors by clicking the pencil icon btw